• Reduces Transplant Shock
    Increases Root Mass
    Used in Transplant Liquid

Organic  Products Company manufactures the only Naturally Occurring, Biologically Active Carbon products that contain Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Organic Matter as Carbon and Biological Species Both Bacterial and Fungal.

Our Biologically Active Carbon products are being used in Agriculture, Horticulture, Hydrogen Sulfide Reductions, Landfill Odor Treatments, Waste Water Treatment, Septic Tanks, Anaerobic Digesters and Hydrocarbon Remediation.

Agricultural Benefits:

  • Increased CEC
  • Chelating Nutrients
  • Improved Soil Conditions
  • Increased Yields
  • Increased Health and Vigor
  • Better Root Systems
  • Buffers Salt in Irrigation Water
  • Reduced Transplant Shock
  • Adds Humic Acid
  • Adds Fulvic Acid
  • Removes Excess Chemicals in Soils
  • Beneficial Biological Species
  • Adds Carbon to Depleted Soils
  • Increases Environmental  Stress Tolerance

Waste Water Benefits:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Reductions
  • Improved Bio Solid Reductions
  • Ammonia Reductions
  • Reduced TSS
  • Reduced BOD
  • Improved Anaerobic Digester
  • Reduced Corrosion from H2S
  • BETX Reductions
  • Sediment and Sludge Reductions
  • Algae Reductions
  • Sodium Reductions
  • Aerobic Biology
  • Anaerobic Biology
  • Facultative Biology

We harvest a unique Carbon based Humate from our surface deposit.  Since our resource is a geologically young Humus deposit, there is a diverse biological population that thrives and continually cycles our raw materials into Humus.

We use a patented cold-water extraction process to produce our liquid product lines from the dry material we harvest.  Due to our manufacturing process, our indigenous biology survives production and is viable in our different products.

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