Watermelon and Other Row Crops

Reduces Transplant Shock Increases Root Mass Used in Transplant Liquid

Tobacco Fields

Builds Bigger Stalks Builds Bigger Roots Helps Resist Environmental Stresses

Alfalfa Fields

Re-energizes Depleted Soils Increases Yields

Anaerobic Digestion in Waste Water Treatment

Speeds Up Biological Breakdown of Organic Materials H2S Reductions Reduces Corrosion Caused by H2S

"The highest fixed carbon Humus deposit in the world."

Organic Products Company manufactures the only product line of Naturally Occurring, Biologically Active, Carbon Based products that contain the Organic Acids - Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid; Total Organic Carbon and a diverse population of Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi.


Our biologically active carbon products are utilized extensively in a variety of industries. OPC's Growth Stimulant Products Line is being used in agriculture, horticulture, turf, and hydroponic operations. We also add in specially adapted packages of Bacillus that are specifically suited for Agri Pro


OPC's Bio Series Products are utilized in a variety of industries due to their unique ability to significantly reduce/possibly eliminate hydrogen sulfide, mericaptans and ammonia compounds. A few areas where they are currently being utilized include landfill odor treatments, waste water treatment, septic tanks, anaerobic digesters and hydrocarbon remediation.  We also have a unique package of Bacillus that we add to certain Bio Series Products, these augment and speed up the natural biological processes in septic tanks, settling ponds, hog ponds and lagoons.  This package of Bacillus has aerobic, anaerobic and facultative properties.


We harvest a one of a kind Humus deposit, according to a worldwide geological survey that was performed, it is the highest fixed carbon Humus deposit in the world. Within this deposit resides a diverse population of beneficial microbiology.


Due to our manufacturing process, our indigenous biology survives production and is viable in our different products.


We continue to find new opportunities in a vast array of industries old and new, contact us today to see if we can help you.