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OPC Shipping Dimensions, Weights, Etc.

Liquid Packaging

1 gallon container; 6 to a cartoon; 27 cartons to a pallet; 162 containers per pallet

9 cartons to a row, 3 rows to a pallet,

each box is 14in by 14 ½in, 12 ½in high

2.5 gallon container; 2 to a carton; 36 cartons to a pallet; total 72 containers per pallet; 180 gallons. 12 cartons to a row; 3 rows to a pallet.

10in by 14in, 15in high

30 gallon drums-up to 4 to a pallet.

Liquid Weights

Turf-Pro/Agri Pro/Agri Pro RC weighs 8.4 pounds per gallon.

Bio-Series products weigh 8.5 pounds per gallon.

Empty totes weigh 131 pounds, 30/55 gallon drum weigh 13/17 pounds.

Wooden pallets weigh 35 pounds, plastic pallets weigh 28 pounds



Total Suspended Solids= 8.5-10.5, Total Dissolved Solids 5.5-6.5,

Conductivity Range 11.0-12.3, pH 7.5-8.5


Dry Packaging

40lb bags; 50 to a pallet; total weight 2,000lbs=1 Ton, 914 lbs yard bulk density

Bulk bag tons; 2-1,000lbs bags to a pallet total weight 2,000lbs=1 Ton

Loose bulk loaded in dump truck or live bottom tractor trailers.


Product Description of Dry

Fines: 3/32” screen size

Natural Blend : 3/16” screen size

Granular: 3/32”-3/16” screen size

Agri Pro GR Standard Grade: SNG 150-200

Agri Pro GR Greens Grade: SNG 60-120


Dimensions of Pallets

2 ½ gallon containers 43” by 40” wide and 50” tall

1 gallon containers 43” by 43” wide and 42” tall


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