Bio 5 LT

iStock_000022617247MediumBio 5 LT (Litter Treatment) is a biologically enhanced product derived from our OP-9840 that is designed to reduce Ammonia levels in Poultry Grow-Out  Houses and improve Feed Conversion Ratios by providing a cleaner environment in the Grow-Out  Houses.

Bio 5 LT is applied to the houses as a pre-treatment before birds are placed in the houses at a rate of 8 ounces of product per 1,000 square feet.

Application is quick and easy by using a spray tank mounted on the back of a Gator type vehicle with spray arms attached.  One pass through the house 3 days before birds are placed will reduce Ammonia levels and speed up the oxidation and breakdown of the Organic solids.

Our case studies show that Bio 5 LT is less corrosive and more cost effective while producing  better results than competing products.

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