BioCarbon-9840  is a natural humate compound derived of 
Organic-Seal3-297x300organic matter consisting of natural beneficial soil constituents.  This novel formulation was developed specifically to provide an environmentally acceptable solution to odorous biological reactions.  BioCarbon-9840  was developed after nearly 10 years of extensive research and proven through field evaluations.

BioCarbon-9840  is derived from our Biologically Active Carbon based deposit and has the ability to remove Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia and Mercaptan based odors.

Applications include:

  • Landfills
  • Industrial Waste Water Flows
  • Food Processing Manufacturers
  • Municipal Sewer Systems
  • Aeration Basins
  • Digesters

Cleaning constructionFeatures and Benefits

  • Rapid odor reaction, results may be obtained on contact, or within 12 to 48 hours of application – eliminates 30,60, or even 90 day trial periods
  • Eliminates the release of hydrogen sulfide related corrosion
  • Economical and cost effective with low PPM rate requirements
  • Non-pollutant, non-corrosive, natural solution
  • Stimulates and enhances microbial populations, beneficial to receiving water systems
  • Controls Hydrogen Sulfide odors from landfills and leachate flows and ponds.
  • Apply as a surface spray
  • Highly Concentrated Product




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