Tobacco Fields

NutriHold has been used for the last three years as an addition to the Transplant Liquid used at the time of planting in Georgia and Florida Tobacco operations.

A 2% solution of NutriHold was applied to the rooted Tobacco liner as it was sown in the field.

The results reported by the farmers have been:

  • Bigger Stalks
  • Bigger, Healthier Root Masses
  • Healthier Plants
  • Better Tolerance of Environmental Stress, especially too much rain

The reasons NutriHold was able to deliver these results are:

  • The Carbon in NutriHold reduces transplant shock
  • The Carbon in NutriHold stimulates the biology in the soil
  • The Carbon in NutriHold adsorbs and removes residual pesticides and herbicides
  • The Humic Acid in NutriHold increases the Cation Exchange Capacity of the Soil
  • The Fulvic Acid in NutriHold chelates micro nutrients to make them more available to the plant
  • The Organic Matter helps to improve poor soil conditions.

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