The Carbon based constituents of OP-9840 reduce and eliminate Hydrogen Sulfide from landfills and leachate flows when they come in contact with H2S, Mercaptans, Ammonia and Biological Compounds.

The recommended application for landfills is to apply a 1:100 dilution of OP-9840 and water with a water tanker as a surface application to the working face of the landfill.  Hydrogen Sulfide is eliminated upon contact with the solution.  For hot pocket areas of H2S sources, it might be necessary to apply a concentrated drench to that area.

For leachate flows a daily application of OP-9840 to the leachate, that is determined by the volume of daily flow, and then pumped back through the landfill will eliminate Hydrogen Sulfide emissions from that area.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cost Effective
  • Immediate Reaction time
  • Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy Application
  • Removes Hydrogen Sulfide and Mercaptans
  • Carbon based
  • Speeds up biological reactions
  • Stimulates resident biology

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