Hydrogen Sulfide

HISTOSOL Products work through a combination of organic and bacterial activity.  HISTOSOL OP-9840 has components that change toxic materials into non-toxic chemicals through molecular absorption.  Molecules in the product act like a sponge to chelate and bind, thus neutralizing odors emitted by paper mills, sewage treatment facilities and rendering plants.  Pollutants are toxic compounds that react.  When they react with the HISTOSOL product, they become something else and they are absorbed.  Once they don’t react, they don’t harm the environment.

OP-9840 is a composition of naturally occurring biology, carbon, humic acids, lignin and trace nutrients.  This unique blend of naturally occurring constituents, represent essential acids and organic matter that bind with and eliminate odorous compounds.


  • Rapid odor reaction, results may be obtained on contact, or within 12 to 48 hours of application – eliminates 30,60, or even 90 day trial periods
  • Eliminates the release of hydrogen sulfide related corrosion
  • Economical and cost effective with low PPM rate requirements
  • Non-pollutant, non-corrosive, natural solution
  • Stimulates and enhances microbial populations, beneficial to receiving water systems
  • Pricing targets competitive advantage


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