Container Grown Crops

Rhododendron liners Container Grown Crops benefit by using both NutriHold Dry as an additive to the potting media that is used and by using NutriHold as an addition to the grower’s nutritional spray program.

NutriHold Dry is added to the potting media at a rate of 2-4%.  Tests have shown that as you increase the amount of NutriHold Dry the Cation Exchange Capacity of the potting media increases.

Other Benefits that NutriHold Dry brings to the plant are:

  • Healthier and more vigorous root systems
  • Increased water-holding capacity
  • Reducing the need for soil applied fungicides
  • Healthier and greener plants
  • Better nutrient conversion

The Humic Acid content of NutriHold Dry increases the water-holding capacity of the soil and may help to increase micro nutrient uptake.
Hydrangea Root Ball Side by Side

The Carbon content of NutriHold Dry feeds and supports the biological populations in the soil.

FN 22659
Soil Analysis: 2042 NH4Cl (unbuffered) extractable CEC
1% 14.73
2% 17.85
3% 20.32
4% 22.14
Control 17.63
Sample Description: Carbon Plus

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