NutriHold was used in a trial last year in South Dakota on a 30 acre block of 5 year old Alfalfa, as a control, an adjoining 30 acre block of similar age Alfalfa did not have NutriHold applied to it.

Application was done at the start of the growing season and was applied at a rate of 1 gallon of NutriHold per acre.

There were three harvests of the Alfalfa during the growing season:

  1. In the first harvest, the treated 30 acre block yielded 100% higher or double the amount harvested from the non-treated block.
  2. In the second harvest the treated 30 acre block yielded 50% higher than the non-treated block.
  3. In the third harvest the NutriHold treated 30 acre block yielded the same amount of bales as the non-treated block.

The average overall yield increase for the year was 50%, which for the farmer amounted to a $4,200.00 total increase in income for that 30 acre block with only one application with NutriHold.

This year the farmer is going to make two applications of NutriHold to the Alfalfa.  The first application  will be made as last year, at the start of the growing season and another will be made after the second harvest to further increase his yields.

NutriHold tank-mixed well with his nutritional program

The keys to the success with the Alfalfa crop is NutriHolds multi-functional ability to:

  • Increase Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • Chelate Nutrients
  • Improve Soil Conditions
  • Increase Yields
  • Increase Health and Vigor
  • Strengthen Root Systems
  • Buffer Salt in Irrigation Water
  • Reduce Transplant Shock
  • Add Humic Acid
  • Add Fulvic Acid
  • Remove Excess Chemicals in Soils
  • Add Beneficial Biological Species
  • Add Carbon to Depleted Soils
  • Increases Environmental  Stress Tolerance

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