TSS Reduction – Chicken Processing Plant Application


A large Chicken processing facility in northeastern Ohio was having problems with settling in their 140,000 gallon capacity aerobic digester. Polymer was added to the sludge stream, but didn’t provide very good results in getting the sludge to settle.


OP-Bio and a commercial bacteria product were added to the digester and after several days they were able to decant four foot of clear water. This amounted to 36,000 gallons of water which they normally would have had a private hauler pump and land apply. This was a savings of approximately $1,600.00 for the facility. This procedure has been repeated several times and with the same results.


Prior to the introduction of OP-Bio into the system, this facility was paying a waste hauling and disposal fee of approximately 4.4 cents per gallon. After using OP-Bio the facility was able to decant 36,000 gallons of water that otherwise would have been included in the hauling and disposal charges. The facility now applies OP-Bio daily.

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