Septic and Grease Trap TSS and BOD Reduction – Restaurant Application


The owner of a seafood restaurant located outside the city limits was faced with a septic system that was malfunctioning. The restaurant had two 1000-gallon septic tanks. The drain fields for both tanks were blocked and damaged to the point that neither was functioning properly. The owner had a major decision to make. The city had plans to extend the municipal sewer service to his area within the next 18 months. If he chose to repair the drain fields, he would be facing a large expense and the potential loss of revenue because the drain fields were located beneath his parking lot and, with the parking lot disrupted, his business would certainly suffer. As a temporary solution to the problem, the owner was being forced to pump the tanks every two weeks at a cost of $250.00. The owner needed an alternative to repairing a system that he would have no use for in 18 months, and a more cost effective short-term solution than the pumping alternative.


The restaurant began using the Histosol OP-Bio product, with the expectation that the product would reduce the frequency of “pump-outs” needed. The septic system was shocked with 2.5 gallons of OP-Bio on the first day of treatment. The restaurant owner called the OPC office the day after treatment began to comment on the noticeable reduction of odors being emitted from the floor and sink drains in the restaurant. OP-Bio was added to the system at rate of one-half gallon every third day. The product was applied at the close of business on the third day to prevent any potential washout and give the product more time to work in the grease traps.


Treatment over the first five months resulted in a significant reduction in pump-outs needed. Prior to treatment, pump-outs were needed every 2 weeks. Following the introduction of OP-Bio into the system, the frequency of required pump-outs has been extended to approximately 7 weeks. Over the five-month period, the restaurant has saved nearly $2,000 in costly pump-outs.

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