Odor Control – Dog Kennel Application


The odors generated from animal waste in dog kennels can be extremely offensive. Many kennel operators and owners have chronic problems in controlling these odors. The odors are a problem within the confines of the kennel itself, as well as in the septic tanks and holding ponds at these sites.


Field tests were conducted by applying the Histosol OP-9840 via a high-pressure hose-end sprayer at a rate of 6 ounces per gallon of water. The product was also applied using the chemical intake line of a pressure washer. No additional cleaning steps were required since the operators normally rinsed the kennels daily with high-pressure water. The results in reduction of odor in kennels were immediate. Within 24 hours the odors generated from the septic systems and retention ponds were also greatly reduced. By using the Histosol OP-9840 product in the normal rinse application, the operators also discovered a residual benefit in the reduction of odors in the septic systems and retention ponds. Another residual benefit will be the reduction of concrete corrosion in the floors of the kennel resulting from leaching hydrogen sulfide.


Incorporating the application of Histosol OP-9840 into the normal daily operation of the kennels controlled the odor problems at the test sites. Kennel odors were reduced immediately upon application and the odors emitted by the septic systems and retention ponds were under control within 24 hours.

UPDATE: Histosol is now being used in several types of livestock applications for the control of odors and fly infestations


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