Odor Control and TSS Reduction – Agricultural Application


A major dairy farm was experiencing major odor problems being generated from the holding tank beneath the maturity barn. The barn was being rinsed twice daily and the holding tank was being pumped out once per month. When the tank was pumped there was a large concentration of straw, along with the animal waste.


OP-Bio was applied to holding tank and odors were practically eliminated with 24 hours. The farm operations manager continued to apply the OP-Bio daily for 30 days and the odor problem was solved.

The retention tank was pumped at the end of the thirty-day period. The farm operator reported total degradation of all waste, including the straw.


OP-Bio eliminated the odors, which was the primary objective. The product also degraded the waste, including the cellulose, simplifying the pumping and land application process. The operations manager continues to apply the product on a daily basis.

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