Odor and TSS Reduction – Waste Water Treatment Plant Application


A waste water treatment plant with a daily flow rate of 700,000 was experiencing bad odor problems, poor degradation of waste, oil and grease, gray water in the aeration tanks, black foam, and poor settling in the clarifiers.


OP-Bio was added at the head of the plant. After one week the water in the aeration tanks had changed to a light brown and there was a light tan foam on the tanks. The settling in the clarifiers was greatly increased and 98% of the odor was eliminated.

This facility also has several large aerobic digesters and their sludge is processed across a belt press and put into a roll-off container for disposal at a local landfill. Prior to the use of OP-Bio, 30,000 gallons of sludge was processed to fill each roll-off container. The facility is now able to process 60,000 of sludge per roll-off container.


OP-Bio virtually eliminated the odor problem at the WWTP. Through improved degradation and settling OP-Bio has increased the efficiency of the plant belt press operation by 100%.

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