Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction – Limestone Rock Quarry Application


A seventy- year old rock quarry site was receiving numerous complaints from local businesses concerning odors being generated by the quarry. The quarry was producing H2S levels as high as 154 PPM and attempts had been made in the past to mask the odors with fragrances, but the effectiveness of the masking agents were minimal at best.


OP-Bio was added to the 2nd retention basin located on the first level of the quarry. The basins capacity is 25,000 gallons, and the daily flow rate through the basin is approximately 500,000 gallons per day. The basin was charged (shocked) with 25 gallons of OP-Bio. A metering pump was installed and the daily application rate was set at 25 gallons per day.


Within 24 hours of the initial application of the OP-Bio product the H2S levels were reduced to 22 PPM. Complaints from local businesses have ceased. The quarry continues to apply the product on a daily basis.

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