Ammonia and H2S Odor Control – Turkey Production Facility


A large turkey installation in Canada was experiencing high ammonia levels in the barns of the farm. The operator was using sodium bisulfate to dispense the ammonia. The sodium bisulfate was working; however it was very corrosive and not easy to use. The operator was interested in finding another treatment that would not produce the negative side-effects of the sodium bisulfate.


Histosol OP-Bio 10V was applied at a rate of 8 ounces per gallon via a back-pack sprayer. Two gallons of mixed product were needed to cover each 1000 square foot area.


The ammonia odors were 90-95% eliminated immediately after the initial application. Two weeks following the initial treatment, the odors were still barely detectable. The operator of the plant is extremely pleased with the product’s effectiveness and plans to totally replace the sodium bisulfate (which he was ordering in 10 ton quantities) with the Histosol OP-Bio 10V.

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