NutriHold’s Place in Fighting Greening

So far, the plans that are combatting Greening involve Nutrition and one of the most effective is the Maury Boyd Nutritional Program.

Despite 100% infection with Greening, trees treated with AgriPro are healthy and vigorous

Despite 100% infection with Greening, trees treated with NutriHold are healthy and vigorous

The Maury Boyd program originally started as several different programs involving a variety of different nutritionals and chemicals at different rates, but the one constant was NutriHold.

They have settled on one program that is reported upon in the January 2013 edition of Citrus and Vegetable Magazine. The article details the program and the phenomenal success they have had with the yields of their Greening infected groves.

The benefits that NutriHold has brought to the program are multi-functional.

  • The Active Carbon acts a stimulant to the resident biology that on the leaf and in the soil and helps the good biology outcompete soil and leaf pathogens.
  • The Humic Acid content helps to chelate macro nutritients and improve soil structure.
  • The Fulvic Acid content chelates micro nutrients and because of it’s lower molecular weight, moves into the plant and it’s roots, bringing nutrients with it.
  • The Organic Matter in NutriHold helps improve sandy soil conditions. The Organic Matter holds on to and binds nutrients in the root zone
  • The Active Carbon adsorbs and removes excess Pesticides, Herbicides and Fungicides from the soil, better enabling the biology to do their functions of root colonization and nutrients conversion for the tree and it’s roots.

NutriHold has been a part of the program since 2004 as a foliar applied product at a rate of 8 gallons of product per acre per year. This year they are beginning a soil application at the same rate per acre.

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