NutriHold Dry

Hydrangea Root Balls

Plant on the right treated with Carbon Plus

NutriHold Dry contains a unique blend of organic acid based constituents that can be used to improve soil conditions and may aid in micronutrient uptake. NutriHold Dry is derived from a naturally occurring active carbon humus.

The principle application for this product is for blending into Potting Soil mixes, as an additive to granular fertilizer mixes and as a topdress product for landscaping and turf.

It is available in 40 pound bags with 50 bags to a pallet, 1,000 pound bulk bags two bags to a pallet and in bulk, loose quantities.

It is from this material that all of our liquid products are derived.

Standard incorporation rates range from 2-4% incorporated in potting media.

2 Week Old Camellia Tea Roots

Other Benefits that NutriHold Dry brings to the plant are:

  • Healthier and more vigorous root systems
  • Increased water-holding capacity
  • Reducing the need for soil applied fungicides
  • Healthier and greener plants
  • Better nutrient conversion

OMRI Logo GreenThe Humic Acid content of NutriHold Dry increases the water-holding capacity of the soil and may help to increase micro nutrient uptake.

The Carbon content of NutriHold Dry feeds and supports the biological populations in the soil.


FN 22659
Soil Analysis: 2042 NH4Cl (unbuffered) extractable CEC
1% 14.73
2% 17.85
3% 20.32
4% 22.14
Control 17.63
Sample Description: Carbon Plus


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