NutriHold Dry

Hydrangea Root Balls

Plant on the right treated with Carbon Plus

NutriHold Dry contains a unique blend of organic acid based constituents that can be used to improve soil conditions and may aid in micronutrient uptake. NutriHold Dry is derived from a naturally occurring active carbon humus.

The principle application for this product is for blending into Potting Soil mixes, as an additive to granular fertilizer mixes and as a topdress product for landscaping and turf.

It is available in 40 pound bags with 50 bags to a pallet, 1,000 pound bulk bags two bags to a pallet and in bulk, loose quantities.

It is from this material that all of our liquid products are derived.

Standard incorporation rates range from 2-4% incorporated in potting media.

2 Week Old Camellia Tea Roots

OMRI Logo GreenThe Humic Acid content of NutriHold Dry increases the water-holding capacity of the soil and may help to increase micro nutrient uptake.

FN 22659
Soil Analysis: 2042 NH4Cl (unbuffered) extractable CEC
1% 14.73
2% 17.85
3% 20.32
4% 22.14
Control 17.63
Sample Description: Carbon Plus



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