Agriculture, Horticulture & Turf Liquid Products

Our biologically active Carbon lineup of products are used extensively in a variety of industries, including Agriculture, Horticulture, Turf, Hydroponic operations and multiple Waste Water applications.  We also add specially adapted packages of biology for specific applications.

Agricultural Benefits:

  • Increased CEC
  • Chelating Nutrients
  • Improved Soil Conditions
  • Buffers Salt in Irrigation Water
  • Reduced Transplant Shock
  • Adds Humic Acid
  • Beneficial Biological components
  • Adds Carbon to Soil

NutriHold™ Dry is the Biologically Active Carbon material that is harvested from our unique Humate deposit, rich in Organic Acids.  It is this screened material that has applications in Containerized Crop production, top dressing turf, an amendment to raised bed gardens and as a component of dry fertilizer blends.

NutriHold™ Dry  serves as the base from which all of our liquid products are derived using our patented cold-water extraction process.

NutriHold™ is the only Biologically Carbon that:

  • Adds Carbon to soil and potting mixes
  • Adds Humic Acid
  • Provides Nitrogen Fixating Bacillus
  • Provides Fungal Populations
  • Increases water holding capacity of soils

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